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Comic Viewer Terms

16 Jan 2015

Posted by Mura in Otaku Network

Posted some basic terms over in This Thread for the comic viewer based on the poll results. Any comments on it welcome~


Now we need to form a panel of judges for accepting comics, and decide a little more strongly on the criteria we'll be using.


If you'd like to volunteer to be a judge, either send me a PM or post in this thread with a brief description of your credentials, and why you think you would be good for the position.

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Discussion: Comic Viewer

05 Jan 2015

Posted by Mura in Otaku Network

I blame Aron for the delay in these posts. Probably. Myeah. Moving on~

~~Remember to click for the poll(s)~~

As some of you may remember, Otaku Network once had it's own Comic Viewer, which we used to display original comics drawn by our users (or by people we tracked down since we didn't have many members back then <.<) These comics were eventually taken down due to lack of contact with the authors. So with the comics gone, what has happened to our Comic Viewer...?



The comic viewer is still there, and fully operational. The only problem being that we don't have any actual comics to upload into it. I would like to change this.

Now that we have a deviantArt page, something of a gateway to a world of art, I believe it shouldn't be too hard to track down some artists who may want their comics featured here. So if anyone knows anyone with a comic that we could put up, or if you have your own comics please send me a PM about it~

But before that we should probably clarify quite a few things.

First of all (and I'll probably make an actual Terms type post about this later), the comics that get uploaded still belong to the original creator. We will only be posting them with their creator's express permission, and the site will not be using them for any official purposes without their permission (Doesn't stop you guys from making fan art though <.<). So NO trying to pass off someone else's comics as your own. I don't even want anyone trying to get their friends comic up here. If you want it uploaded then I want to talk with the person who made it.

The next couple issues I shall take to the polls~

Now, as per the first poll, I would like to know what kind of comics we want to see on the site. Feel free to select any and all criteria that you believe would be important. Here's a quick breakdown:

No Low Quality Work
I know this one seems kind of mean, but this would mean we would enforce a set standard for how well the comics are actually drawn. On one hand, less experienced artists might have trouble getting their comics in, but on the other it keeps out comics that are basically just doodles...This also relied primarily on the art of the comic, and would be more difficult to decide on whether or not the actual dialogue and story were quality.

No Low Quality Work - Panel Decision
Most of these decisions would be more or less automatic, and made by myself. If we went this way, instead, the comic would be sent to me, and I would send it to a chosen panel of complainers critics who would decide whether the entire comic, art, dialogue, story, and all are good enough to be on the site.

No Intense Violence/Gore
A limit on blood and such. Possibly measured in liters.

No Highly Sexual Content
I'd say no actual sex is gonna start off as a given, but this would mean that gratuitously perverted comics would not be accepted.

No Fan Fiction
No, there are no legal issues with fan fiction comics. I just know that there are some people who are rather against fan fictions. This would mean that all comics on the site would be original works.

No Criteria
Any comic will be accepted. Ehh....

The second poll is about the shinies (if any) that come with having your comic uploaded on the site.  Seems pretty self explanatory.

If you can think of any other concerns, or have any questions or comments feel free to ask. And remember, this is open to anyone who has a comic, not just people from dA. So if you have one or plan to make one, let us know~

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Otaku Network Deviantart Group

28 Dec 2014

Posted by Mura in Otaku Network

Big thanks to alariss, who has created a DeviantArt group for ON. Be sure to check it out. We'll get around to thinking up some cool ideas for what to do with it later (perhaps very soon).




Sorry about the quietness lately. Been waiting on something to start the next blog which never happened. So I'm just gonna skip that one for now. Expect the next in a few days.


Mura out.

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