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Otaku Network Minecraft Servers

17 Aug 2015

Posted by Mura in Otaku Network

Despite having some good activity earlier on, most of our more active Minecrafters have been pretty inactive lately. Due to this, and the fact that I've been paying for both servers out of my own pocket (kinda broke right now x.x), I'm afraid I've had to shut down our Test Server.


The Main Server is still up and accepting players (just shoot me a PM to get whitelisted). It is currently still on Vanilla 1.8.4 and it is likely to stay that way for the near future, short of an active group of players insisting on something else.


I'm still quite open to helping with the Minecraft Role Play idea that was discussed at one point. Unfortunately I don't have the time to organize something like that myself, but I'd certainly be willing to lend a hand getting everything set up.


I had hoped at one point to expand ON's Minecraft community, perhaps bring new people to the site, and start up in game public works projects. With the current level of activity, though, that seems pretty far off. Regardless, if anyone is interested in having something like a Game Night or any other kind of event with the Minecraft Server, please bring it up.

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Site Maintenance (7-25-15)

25 Jul 2015

Posted by Aron in News & Announcements

Site Maintenance
7:00 PM EST



Hello everyone, Aron here giving you an update on maintenance that will occur later today.


Recently it has been brought to my attention by our hosting provider that we currently running on a server that is about 10 years old with quite outdated hardware. I was offered a free upgrade to a new server at no cost and it even included about 3 extra months of free hosting.




The new server uses some of the newest hardware on the market which will lead to faster load times, less lag, and will allow us to do more things than we could do before without compromising performance. 


With the upgraded server space the cost of hosting actually will stay the same, we will get all the benefits without having to pay more for it. While this does not lower our costs overall it means we are able to stay current with all of our code requirements.  




Since this is a new server I need to carry over all of the data on our current server to the new one....manually. The amount of data we have stored is actually quite large for what few members we do have, so it is going to take time for everything to be moved over and reinstalled properly.


I can't promise something won't go wrong, so for that reason I can't give you an estimate of how long maintenance is going to take as the software we use is a bit tricky to actually move along with the databases. It might be a few hours or it might be all weekend. 




I'm sorry that I wasn't able to give you a more advanced notice,
but I only have a few days to transfer the site over before everything is wiped from this current server. 

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Weekly Events

23 May 2015

Posted by Mura in Otaku Network

Weekly Events:
Hello everyone, before I get right into this there are a couple things going on I'd like to point out.

Otaku Network now has a Podcast Group doing a podcast called the Bakast. They've even got their first episode up already. They're still getting the hang of everything, but get involved to help them improve~

Alright, back to the topic at hand. I'm looking to bring back a weekly event, and see if we can't get a new one going. Namely the Game Night we used to do every weekend, and a new suggestion to have an Anime Streaming Night.

For Game Night, we generally play either Town of Salem, Cards Against Humanity, or Board Game Online (or sometimes a combination thereof), and we're of course open to game suggestions. All of the games are in browser so anyone can easily drop in and play. This used to be held each Friday/Saturday evening, sometimes with two or more separate sessions so that everyone could play.

An Anime Streaming Night would involve one of us as host streaming a few episodes of an anime (most likely through a service similar to Livestream). This seems like something we could do on the weekends, or even as something relaxing to do on a weeknight.

Both of these really deserve their own threads to figure out exactly how we're going to do them, but they both involve one major issue. Otaku Network is lucky to have so many people from all over the world, but unfortuantely that means we also have to deal with the issue of timezones :c

So first of all, what sort of times would work best for you? Mornings? Evenings? Only Saturday not Friday or Sunday? Please tell us here so we can start working it out~
Please post your time zone with your preferences. Check here if you're not sure.

Now another solution for this problem would be for there to be more than one person hosting these events. Streaming might take some setup, but Game Night is extremely simple to host (pretty much just linking everyone else who wants to play to the game). If you're interested in being a host, please send me a PM.

Hopefully we can get all this figured out and get all of this running in time for next weekend~

May Your Tea Leaves Always Be Fresh,

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