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Return Of The Chatroom, And Trello

29 Sep 2014

Posted by Mura in Otaku Network

If you haven't noticed, we finally have the chatroom back~

At least until six months for now when we're out of money again >_>

So yeah, go thank Aron for that, as soon as you're done beating him up for taking so long to do it~



On another note, does anyone here use Trello?

It's a very nice site, especially for organization/scheduling freaks like myself. And even for people who aren't who could use a little organization to help them accomplish more.


But plug aside, one issue that's been raised to me a number of times is that quite a few members have been concerned with the lack of transparency between the site staff and themselves. I personally don't really understand this, since I'm usually fairly open about the plans for the site. But I can see how some people (namely those who aren't in the chatroom listening to me complain about stuff I wanna do with the site) might feel a bit left out D:


In light of this, I have decide to unveil...wait for it...The Otaku Network Development Trello Board~~~~~


Exciting? Yeah, I know. It's not. It's been kinda dead for awhile because no one but me wants to use it...

Regardless, I shall attempt to keep it updated, just like the oh so popular Suggestions Meta Thread. Myes.


Anywho, that's all I've got. I'm not really sure how quickly we'll get through all of that, seeing as Aron seems to be coming down with another case of the lazies, but I'll see what I can do.

I'd also be willing to open up a Trello page for user submitted ideas, open to anyone willing to join Trello and submit a few ideas. That's not really too different from the actual Suggestions forum, but I've given up on trying to understand you weirdos >.>

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Otaku Network Moving Forward

14 Apr 2014

Posted by Mura in Otaku Network

So, Aron is marginally back and we have a few plans for the site, but I'm personally a bit uncomfortable moving forward with the current state of the site. As such, I shall be clear as to our current (tentative) plans for the site.

As I have discussed before, I am very concerned of the lack of direction of the site, as well as the lack of enthusiasm from our members. As a site, we are basically just a forum, with mostly RPer members. I would like to make some improvements for the RP section, if I can coax and or bludgeon an actual opinion out of one of them <_<

I would like to seperate the RP section from the rest of the forum, simply because of the activity. I believe that with a seperate section it would be much easier for people to keep track of their RPs, while at the same time make it easier for people who don't RP to keep track of what little is actually going on in the rest of the forum. For the time being, it would basically be exactly the same as it is now, but instead of the RP forums being towards the bottom of the forum, they would be under their own tab.

But ultimately, I would rather not have the site be based around RPing, if only because I personally have very little interest or experience in it. So, for that reason, I believe we need some new things on the site. For that, I currently have two directions in mind which we could take.

The first would be a play on a personal interest in mine that I have tried to promote around the site, namely the creation of original content. In order to further this, we would need to improve the album, the blog section slightly, and I would even like to include some sort of sound uploading system possibly.

The second would be a somewhat similar idea, but focusing on anime and manga. With this path, we would have a database of anime/manga series, with a description and such. But instead of links to places where you can watch or read them, instead this database would lead to fan art and fanfictions for them.

Of course, neither of these ideas are all that fleshed out, nor are they mutually exlusive. But without any input from you people, this is the direction I plan to try and take us.

Of course, the biggest problem with both of these ideas is that they rely heavily on user activity...something we don't see a lot of these days...but I shall take the chances >.>

Anyways, opinions or ideas for the site welcome, here or in the Suggestions forum. Which does still exist, you know............you didn't know, did you? >.> Bleagh

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Contests, Conventions, and Prizes

21 Apr 2014

Posted by Mura in Otaku Network

Feels like a missed opportunity there....couldn't think of a good third c though D; But yes, with things actually going on around the site, I have reason to post here more often~


First of all, contests. We have two different contests coming up:


Role Play Contest: Still in the planning stages, but there will be three parts to the contest, focusing on plot, characters, and development, respectively. The contest will be for the Beginner and Intermediate levels. Check out the thread to get involved~


Writing Contest: Much earlier into the planning stages, we are also planning to have a writing contest over the summer. Haven't figured out much in the way of specifics, but we'd love to hear from you all about it.



As you might have noticed, we also now have upcoming conventions in the calendar. More will be uploaded as I get around to it. If you know of any I don't, feel free to enter them in (to the Conventions section of the calendar, please <.<).



Now, on the issue of prizes. There has been a lot of discussion as to what to give as prizes to members who win contests or become contributors, that sort of thing. From colors, to awards, to physical merchandise, we've discussed, used, and thrown out several ideas. But I'd like to hear from all of you if there's anything you would like to have as rewards. Don't worry if it's a bit unrealistic as we can always work towards it.



A few other notes, user PM space has been doubled, and contributors now can store 150 messages. The issue with archiving has also been fixed, although it apparently only works for conversations 15 pages and under. So we'll try to get that fixed, in case there is anyone else trying to archive 670 page conversations >.> Also, moderators can now force their way into your inboxes, so no more avoiding warnings for any of you :D


We are also trying to start an MMO Group. If you want to join, please do~ We still haven't decided on a game, but we hopefully will soon. Please check it out.


~Click HERE to help us choose a game~


And finally, we should soon be making some changes to the site theme, so please bear with us as we make changes. If you experience any problems with the site, as always, you are welcome to contact me about it, so that we can fix it up as soon as possible.




Woo, things are happening, people~

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